Last Updated: January 2, 2017

These questions are based on the emails we have been receiving.  It is our hope that this helps answer your immediate questions.

California Residents:  Please note that we are aware of the documents you will need to process your STRF application, and getting these documents to you is our top priority.

We cannot answer for other schools.   We can only assure you that the extremely difficult decision we were forced to make was based on all  facts as they are at this time.
Sage College very proactively explored moving forward with a new accreditor; however, we learned that Court Reporting programs do not meet required benchmarks to qualify for the approval process; therefore moving forward in that direction was not a viable option for us.
We 100% care about you and your future.    We will do all we can to guide you and help you in any way we can.   This is NOT what we wanted for you, for our amazing staff, nor our administration.   We are all extremely devastated by this loss.
Unofficial transcripts will be emailed to your Sage College email address for your immediate needs, and official transcripts will be mailed as soon as they are finalized for this quarter.  1 Official and 1 Unofficial Transcript will be mailed.
For your immediate needs, please forward copies of your unofficial transcript.  All requests for additional Official transcripts will be processed ASAP.  A link will be on the website for requesting additional copies.
As you request to speak with Financial Aid, your calls will be returned by the end of this week.
A link has been added to the website under Learning Resources for you to access your Sage College email account.
Any monies received for services not rendered will be refunded to you.
Please refer to the website under Student Resources for links for this information.
Please refer to the website under Student Resources for links for this information.

As we see a consistency in questions, we will add to this list.  We thank you for any understanding and grace you can offer at this time.